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About Ricky Hunter & Associates

It is with deep sorrow that we report that Ricky Hunter passed away in her sleep on 30/12/15.
If you would like to leave a tributary note for Ricky, you may do so on her Facebook page here.

Below is a tribute written by Ricky's sister Tintin:

When we would sit and reminisce about the past, we would laugh about how you were always in trouble. Not because you were naughty, but because you were fearless.

I would sit at home, miss goody two shoes, reading my Enid Blyton books, while you were being bucked off a horse into a huge boxthorn hedge, or learning to ride down our steep stairs in a cardboard box, or nearly drowning in the local swimming pool, or hurtling your billy cart down the steepest street in town, or burning down the neighbours garage.

You were also determined. You set your mind on a thing and stuck to it until it was completed. You were prepared to face obstacles – like telling Mum and Dad you were moving to Australia at age 16 – and carry it through.

As your life progressed, these two qualities were tested to the full. As a child you had traumas to face, and as an adult even more. When talking about Jonty, you used to describe yourself as ‘a mother lion protecting her cub’, and you went to extraordinary lengths to care for him and protect him.

Throughout your adult life you had burdens to carry that were too much for one human heart to cope with. Family and friends helped as much as possible, but for you, most of it you had to carry alone. The long term result of this was ill health and depression. Despite this, you were never a ‘lost soul’. You always had a sense of who you were and where you were going. You were able to channel your determination and fearlessness into your writing and your workshops. You knew that what you were doing helped others who were suffering domestic violence, you were showing that your life and Jonty’s life was not in vain.

You will be sadly missed. You touched many hearts and for this we are grateful.

Sleep in peace.

Tin tin.

Please click here to see a Youtube of Ricky Speaking

Member of the International Council of Professional Therapists (ICPT) Reg No RH/051012/31148/AU

Ricky Hunter & Associates was conceived after Ricky wrote her first book, which was launched in 2006 by the now Governor General Quentin Bryce AC.  Ricky realised there was a niche audience that could be filled by sharing experiences of domestic violence with health professionals and others who wanted to learn about DV from a survivor’s perspective. Our first workshop was in Bundaberg in 2007 and we haven’t looked back. As of January 2015 our small team with our professional associates have presented nearly 150 workshops in New Zealand and Australia and many guided discussions for survivors. We have been supported by hundreds of truly committed professionals from a broad range of disciplines along our journey.

Our small team consists of our professional associates, Dr Dawn Macintyre (Spinks) Clinical Counsellor and Psychotherapist of Spinks & Associates, and Counsellor and Corporate Trainer, Jan Sky, of Executive State Identification and Tracy Cerff, Counseller and Lecturer from Serene Care Counselling. From time to time, we have guest speakers such as Louise McOrmond-Plummer, author and international authority on the subject of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence. We have been generously supported by research made freely available to us from Cathy Kern, Policy Analyst / Privacy Officer, Royal New Zealand Plunket Society, Dr Frank Ascione from Utah State University, Dr Allan Wade, Dr Michael Flood and Lois A. Herman from the Womens United Nations Reporting Network who supplies us with the latest up-to-date research on violence against women on the global stage.

We salute the many hundreds of women’s agencies who have supported us on our journey by hosting our workshops in the past five years and their passion to make a difference.

Ricky Hunter is a staunch advocate and supporter of the Pets in Crisis Project run by the RSPCA in Brisbane Australia and educates delegates at workshops about the link between pet abuse and domestic violence.

Ricky Hunter & Associates ABN 53 356 004 330
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Geordie's Hat

The unique icon in the heading banner was created from this photo of my late son’s bush hat. My son died in his sleep in the early morning of June 18th 2007. He really was victim of domestic violence, one of the many statistics that will never be reported. The flowers behind the hat represent the beautiful person that he was, full of life, colour; unique and truly precious. The flowers so delicate in design and so appealing to the eye, remind me of his endearing qualities, much to be admired. He loved the colour red. His biggest ambition was to be a fireman. I take his hat to all my workshops and we talk about his struggles in life – it is my journey to healing from such an enormous loss, you see he was my life! From loss we can heal but the most important thing is what we learn from that loss. His life touched many people and his story in print and now on DVD will touch many hearts in the future.

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